Tetra Works YURAMEKI


A sinking pencil with superior carrying distance

The Yurameki is a heavyweight sinking pencil with amazing casting capabilities. The 48mm, 6.3g body makes it a great search bait castable into a strong wind, or over long distances while searching an extensive area.

The lure’s heavy weight gives it great carrying distance and reduces the ‘floating up’ tendency which is a demerit of many sinking pencils. This lure will allow the angler to search at various depths. With slow retrieval, it swims with a tail wobbling action, captivating not only small targets like the Black Rockfish, but also the timid seabass.

Largo 48mm
Peso 6.3g
Tipo Sinking (Fixed Weight)
Anzuelo #12
Rango 0.2~0.6m

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