Beach Walker 110S


The leading sinking minnow with no ‘blind spots’

The hot spot for flounder fishing is the break line of the waves. The Beach Walker 110S is a fixed weight sinking model which can catch the water even at the break-line where it tends to get rough. Though heavy (20g) for its 110mm body length, it has a positive response and smooth initiation of its action. It also responds well during slow retrieval. The sinking property allows the angler to trace a course at whatever depth is required, eliminating the ‘blind spots’ of flounder fishing. This lure will act as your trump card!

Largo 110mm
Peso 20g
Tipo Sinking (Fixed Weight)
Anzuelo #3
Rango 0.8~1.2m

Special Points

▸ Weight system

There is a fixed molded weight in the aft half of the body, which improves the initial action response.

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